Pradum Kumar
Sharing My university experience

Sharing My university experience

My College Experience So Far of My undergrad Journey

This is My first Blog So Please Ignore my mistakes and let me give you my experience of my college

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Pradum Kumar
·Aug 6, 2022·

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My name is Pradum and I am in Xyz college Dont afraid it is not a tier 1 college but a tier 3 college which i cannot tell name of. As Every alternate Student In india i failed Jee with a percentile of 88.87% which is too less to get in a Prestigious institutes of india and on the basis of this i get a Private college which takes Students on the basis of Jee marks which is odd!! and i have to left my home town for that college

1st Semester of my College:- So Lets Start I have Entered in a other place where i have to stay for four Years and beleive me it is a nghtmare for a child who have never went out of his Gully.I know that from being a tier 3 college students i have to work on my self Otherwise the college will let you through Assignments and Practicals Which literally have No Value in My opinion So I begin my college Journey In Hope that I will Not meet Many intelligent students but the students i am going to meet will be as moderate like Me . But After Visiting 1st day and coming back to Hostel I realize that Every Student Has its own interest in other topics For example I have a friend called xxy who litterally played in district cricket and then have injured and many more Students I find to be really passionate About Different Fields.After 1 month Of regular college Again Corona Came and the college Declare its 1st Semester to be Online.

Due to this Online Semester I Came back Home and thanking to the God due to Online Semester Many Dangerous Subject Like Manufacturing Practices,Engineering Drawing I passes and the result Came And I got 9.73 CGPA which is the truely The Highest Marks I Ever Got and will get.. And the days are Really Going Well After The Result of 1st Sem in Home Suddenly There iS a notice Came which has the warrant of going back to college and now 1 am in 2nd Semester..............

2nd Semester Of my College:--So After The LockDown I will Honestly Say that Now i am loving to Go college Regularly Not Because College Culture is great or i love to go college Because Like Every Other Single Boy in Engineering College I started To like Someone which is Obviously a girl I will not bore you in that topic but beside Every Joke I was Preparing By myself as the college is Not Going to Help me in upskilling me and by the end of 2nd semester I have Completed my Dsa almost From Kunal and Web development From Youtube. I have Some Friends who are really doing well in this College Beside From being An student of Electrical and Yes By the Way I am From A Student OF Cse.Now the 2nd Semester also passed I am now in my Home Waiting for my 2nd Semester Result and will be heading to Go to the 3rd Semester.

I have Understand One thing That no one will Spoon feed ever in Your life If You Think Either You Are From Tier 1 or Tier 3 You have to Work as Hard As Much as you Want to Achieve.

ThankYou For Reading My Blog.I think it went long But please Neglect it as I gave it everything I can in My first Blog.

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